NAPOLEON in MIAMI: Temporary Shelter

Temporary Shelter an exhibition by NAPOLEON featuring members Christina P. Day, Leslie Friedman, and Tamsen Wojtanowski at Artist-Run in Miami during Art Basel 2015 Hotel rooms are imbued with the stories of everyone who has ever unlocked the door, turned on the light, and called this place home for a night. Transitory stories—lives on hold … Continue reading


Joshua Reiman’s Glass Houses reviewed on Hyperallergic

NAPOLEON’s current show, Glass Houses by Joshua Reiman, was just reviewed by Deborah Kreiger for Hyperallergic! Check out the full review at the link: From Henry Clay Frick to Gilded Matzah, Observing the World in Glass Cases

JTR_Cheese and Crackers_46

Look, Don’t Touch: A Conversation with Joshua Reiman, Interview by Lewis Colburn

Look, Don’t Touch: A Conversation with Joshua Reiman Interview by Lewis Colburn Joshua Reiman is an artist working in sculpture, film, video and photography. He has exhibited widely in the US as well as in Germany and Estonia. Reiman holds an MFA in sculpture from Syracuse University and a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas … Continue reading

Still from the video footage of Untitled Portrait (Protect Me From What I Want), 2015

Secrecy, Surveillance and a Dead Joseph Beuys: Marc Blumthal’s SuperCuts: An Essay by Kelly Montana

Secrecy, Surveillance and a Dead Joseph Beuys: Marc Blumthal’s SuperCuts An Essay by Kelly Montana In November 1965, the artist Joseph Beuys presented an exhibition of his drawings at Galerie Alfred Schmela in Dusseldorf. On opening night, he covered his face in honey and gold leaf, sat in the center of the gallery and cradled … Continue reading


Joshua Reiman: Glass Houses

Glass Houses A solo exhibition by Joshua Reiman, curated by NAPOLEON member Lewis Colburn NAPOLEON is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Joshua Reiman, titled Glass Houses. On view will be five sculptural vitrines holding objects with narratives linked through their materiality and embedded meaning. Reiman mines everything from modernist sculpture to Pennsylvania robber barons, fracking, … Continue reading


Marc Blumthal: SuperCuts

SuperCuts A solo exhibition by NAPOLEON member Marc Blumthal SuperCuts examines representation as a means of abstraction.  Obstructing access to the gallery with a wall, this installation presents a series of photo-based works through a live-feed video, presenting exhibition as object while measuring the experience of looking. A series of performances will accompany the exhibition, exploring and … Continue reading


St. Claire’s ‘Other Heads’ Mention Wojtanowski and Livingstone’s “Fantastic” Show

“In The Yard” Gets Reviewed  by St. Claire Hear the whole conversation in the attached link In the group conversation, Maddie Hewitt remarks (around 16:27) that this month’s treatment of the gallery space was “fantastic,” calling the photography by Tamsen Wojtanowski “beautiful,” and text by Elaine Livingstone “poetic and filled in all the missing pieces … Continue reading


Lewis Colburn in the Fleisher Wind Challenge

Lewis Colburn’s Fleisher Wind Challenge Exhibition opens September 10 NAPOLEON’s own Lewis Colburn displays his sculptures, along with Aubrey J. Kauffman and Anne Canfield Established in 1978, the Wind Challenge Exhibition Series is an annual juried competition that is committed to enriching and expanding people’s lives through art. Three Wind Challenge Exhibitions are held from September through May, featuring … Continue reading

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The Spaces In Between: Tamsen Wojtanowski and Elaine Livingstone’s Yard: An Essay by Clare Finin

The Spaces In Between: Tamsen Wojtanowski and Elaine Livingstone’s Yard An Essay by Clare Finin In the Yard, a collaborative exhibition by artist Tamsen Wojtanowski and writer Elaine Livingstone at NAPOLEON, crosses the disciplines of writing and visual art. Yards, a long-standing American obsession, operate in a very specific way in order to define and … Continue reading

Unfinished Crown Blurb Image

Programming in September: Sascha Hughes-Caley: Unfinished Crown

Unfinished Crown Performance-based artist Sascha Hughes-Caley responds to Tamsen Wojtanowski and Elaine Livingston’s collaborative exhibition In The Yard this September Drawing upon her interest in the flattening effect of rehearsed language and television, Hughes-Caley works to differentiate between genuine affinity and nostalgia. In this negotiation between past and present, one character’s remembered story evolves into … Continue reading

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