Marianne Dages in The St. Claire


Marianne Dages Participates in “The Form Review” for her show “Distant Operator.” According to the St.Claire Website: The Form Review is a simple attempt to increase dialogue within art journalism and highlight the subjectivity of a traditional exhibition review.  Artists/curators/responsible parties of an exhibition are invited to respond to five short prompts.  In turn, a … Continue reading

A Toast to Us!


A Toast to Us! Courvoisier’s “11 of Philly’s Best Art Galleries” Includes NAPOLEON According to the Cognac brand, Philadelphia has “become a bustling center for the performing and visual arts.” As such, they have listed 11 arts venues worth noting (I am not sure you can call the Barnes or the PMA simply “galleries”), and … Continue reading

Social Justice Sunday: A Gallery Made a Demand and Everyone Graciously Responded


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are undoubtedly aware of the of the case of Eric Garner. The grand jury decision handed down on December 4th, 2014, spawned a nationwide outrage over the proliferation of police violence leading to an endless number of public responses – most often protests. One group, however, … Continue reading

Snow Coldy, Philadelphia


While sitting for Marianne Dages, Distant Operator, currently on view at NAPOLEON, I came across these photographs at Feature Shoot which I found incredibly fitting; to the work, to the weather, to late-January filled with escapism dreams. A set of three by Alex Cornell of an extremely rare flipped iceberg off Antarctica.     This … Continue reading

July Open Call 2015–Announcing $200 Honorarium


Our Fourth July Open Call! Your chance to have a solo-show at NAPOLEON Apply in April for a show in July Every year, during the month of July, NAPOLEON presents a solo-exhibition selected by our ten members from a pool of applicants collected through an open call. We are interested in exhibiting work that is … Continue reading

Liza Coviello’s Interview with devynn emory published in Contact Quarterly


An interview by NAPOLEON member and curator Liza Coviello with choreographer and performer devynn emory was published this month in Contact Quarterly, a dance and improvisation journal. In September 2014, the interview and video documentation of emory’s dance works were exhibited at NAPOLEON under the title Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art. You can find a link to a … Continue reading

Distant Operator Time Lapse: January 16th, 2015

Sunday, January 16, 2015 2:30 – 3:30pm

Distant Operator reviewed in Geist Magazine


New member Marianne Dages‘ show Distant Operator was reviewed in Geist Magazine. Writing for the magazine, Evan Paul Laudenslager explains: Marianne Dages has achieved something decidedly difficult in Distant Operator at Napoleon–a body of work that is highly theoretical and still manages to be aesthetically pleasing with little effort.   Translation is the central point of the … Continue reading

KnightArts Reviews Understudy


KnightArts Reviews Understudy Chip Schwartz muses on the exhibition and concludes “Play acting can be fun or funny, but it can also prove a powerful point about what we can truly know.” Schwartz writes on the four artists whose works were performed, played, or displayed for one-night only December 5th. His reflections on all four … Continue reading

The Reviews ‘On This Site’

artblog_lewis_colburn_2 copy

The Reviews ‘On This Site’ Noreen Kress reflects on art and monuments in a city full of history In the lenghty review on the artblog, Kress observes how a simple walk to the supermarket, in a city like Philadelphia, can also turn into a visit to a historic site. She sees the work Lewis … Continue reading

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