Discovering the Space Between: C. Pazia Mannella and Tamsen Wojtanowski, An essay by Jillian Matthews

Force (detail), Hand and digital embroidery on raw silk, 40" x 24" x 5", 2014

Discovering the Space Between: C. Pazia Mannella and Tamsen Wojtanowski An essay by Jillian Matthews As the stars illuminate and move through a dark sky as night falls or a summer breeze rustles the delicate petals of a flower in bloom, memories of experiences are not static, but constantly shifting. As time passes, perspectives change; … Continue reading

Emerging from Alexis Hugo Nutini’s Chrysalis, an Essay by Christa DiMarco

16,352 in process, plate with print

Emerging from Alexis Hugo Nutini’s Chrysalis An Essay by Christa DiMarco The word chrysalis alone is an unmistakable indication that here two dreams are joined together, dreams that bespeak both the repose and flight of being, evening’s crystallization and wings that open to the light. In the body of the winged manor, which dominates both … Continue reading

Chad States: Night Sweats Curatorial Statement by Jordan Rockford

Chad States_Night Sweats_exhibition_essay_1

Chad States: Night Sweats Curatorial Statement by Jordan Rockford In Night Sweats, Chad States invites us to explore the dark recesses of human desire, those spaces where the pursuit of pleasure overrides restraint, leading us to act with irrational – at times ecstatic – abandon. Photography, States’ customary medium, is no less present in this, … Continue reading

The Secret Handshake: An Essay on Gay, Jewish or Both By Shelley Spector


The Secret Handshake:  An Essay on Gay, Jewish or Both By Shelley Spector In a discussion with Leslie Friedman and Bernardo Margulis about being Jewish and gay, two groups that I am a part of, I get a pass to talk freely. The unspoken rule is that insiders of a group get to say things … Continue reading

Resembly: NAPOLEON’s As first as exactly By Zach Savich


Resembly: NAPOLEON’s As first as exactly by Zach Savich Say the sound that starts an echo is also an echo: in 1905 Picasso paints “Gertrude Stein,” so in 1909 Gertrude Stein writes “Picasso” (the poem, not the memoir from 1938, Picasso), so in 1923 she writes “If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso,” … Continue reading

subTRACTION: The Magic of Miniatures An Essay by Janette Chien

subTraction, (Detail), Traction Company for CITYWIDE:  A Collective Exhibition, 2013

Traction Company’s collaborative sculptural exhibition at NAPOLEON was created in conjunction with the CITYWIDE:  A Collective Exhibition exchange.

subTRACTION: The Magic of Miniatures An Essay by Janette Chien Traction Company is a workshop in the purest sense: a foundation literally embedded with old trolley tracks that dig into the entrance gate. The space is gigantic and utilitarian, with three story high walls and exposed rooftop tresses.  A group of thirteen PAFA alumni and … Continue reading

AUTHENTICITY AND ARTIFICE: Lewis Colburn’s Noble Amateur

Untitled (Bachelor Farmer Signal Tower)

Aluminum, pine, denim, cast urethane, steel and electrical components

108” x 60” x 36”

AUTHENTICITY AND ARTIFICE:  Lewis Colburn’s Noble Amateur An Essay by Darcy Van Buskirk History is made in the present. It is not some authentic truth but something vulnerable to entropy. Filtered, edited, glorified, and simplified, past events are made present through narrative, functioning as allegory for current events. History is and only can be artificial. … Continue reading

Sublimity within a Birdcage: An Essay on the work of James Weingrod by Heather Castro

Hush, 2013

Sublimity within a Birdcage An Essay on the work of James Weingrod by Heather Castro  Space – it is, as the famed television show reminds us, the final frontier. However, to unpack that cliché is to realize its truth: the universe is the edge of knowledge. Little is concretely known about it, discoveries are around … Continue reading

Mediated Matter in the Perpetual Present by Elizabeth Kauffman

Heather Riley, Stay, 14.5” x 11” x 1.25”, Wood, oil, thread, 2013

//////mediated matter in the perpetual present////// An Essay in response to Gleaners // Informers by Elizabeth Kauffman “As an artist you always make work from what’s around you and money was around me.” –Damien Hirst As obnoxious and full of “douche-baggery” as the above statement is by Mr. Hirst, there is some truth in it. … Continue reading

Things I know about rocks

Carolina Parakeet with Appletini over Fluorescent Green, 46” x 82” x 24”, 2012

Things I Know About Rocks: Thoughts on Austin Ballard’s The Indivisibles at NAPOLEON An Essay by Emily Davidson Rocks are time, rocks are eternity. They are spirit and place. There’s the large stone rolled away to reveal an empty tomb. There’s Cary Grant clinging to the Mt. Rushmore precipice. A pebble makes a ripple; a … Continue reading

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