Patrick Coughlin: Tools of Trade

Coughlin_Hammer_for web_smaller

Tools of Trade New Work by Patrick Coughlin Curated by Napoleon Member Jordan Rockford Tools of Trade is both elegy and ballad, depicting the hidden beauty and value in the knowledge of the process by which things are made. The act of making becomes a sensual performance of our collective heritage delving into the permeable … Continue reading

Marianne Dages: Distant Operator


Distant Operator AN EXHIBITION OF NEW WORK BY NAPOLEON MEMBER MARIANNE DAGES Chance, repetition, and hidden names. In this series of works on paper and object assemblage, the artist acts as distant operator, finding the connection between esoteric myth and private thought. Opening Reception Second Friday, January 9th* 6pm – 10pm NAPOLEON
 319 N 11th Street, 2L
 Philadelphia, PA Exhibition … Continue reading

UNDERSTUDY: Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula, and Mark Martinez


UNDERSTUDY A One-Night Happening with Performance, Installation, and Video by Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula, and Mark Martinez Finally, America is engaging in a long-overdue conversation about feminism and gender identity, widening the range of possible answers to what women and gender-nonconformists can be. But what does broadening gender expectations do to men as they contemplate … Continue reading

Lewis Colburn: On This Site


On This Site A new project by NAPOLEON member Lewis Colburn A historical marker sprouts out of the pavement like a bright-colored non sequitur: something happened here, but it clearly isn’t happening now. On This Site proposes a different kind of marker, the placement of which is itself an historic event. Opening Reception First Friday, … Continue reading

H. John Thompson: Holding Our Own


Holding Our Own AN EXHIBITION OF NEW WORK BY NAPOLEON FOUNDING MEMBER H. JOHN THOMPSON Linking the enigmatic accounts of an airline hijacker known under the alias “D.B. Cooper” and the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, Holding Our Own cites incidents of evasion and distress while contemplating a manhunt and a rescue search from … Continue reading

devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art

this room this braid_still

devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art Curated by NAPOLEON member Liza Coviello September’s exhibition examines the importance of asserting gender identification in art, particularly in performance art where the body is a fundamental part of the work and the artist invites the viewer into this personal, physical space. In conversation with and … Continue reading

Maggie Casey: Breaker


Breaker A collection of recent sculpture and installation work by Philadelphia native Maggie Casey, curated by NAPOLEON member Christina P. Day Working at the scale of the body, Breaker explores methods that take materials out of a familiar context by enhancing innate characteristics. Casey approaches her work with a hand that tests the capacities of a material, allowing outcomes to reroute … Continue reading

Tyler McPhee: Perfect Lovers

Tyler McPhee Perfect Lovers_cropped

Perfect Lovers An exhibition by this year’s open call winner Tyler McPhee Inspired by Bas Jan Ader’s fateful transatlantic voyage, McPhee creates five pieces that rework romantic depictions of love, longing, death, and reincarnation in the maritime environment. Opening Reception Second Friday, July 11th 6pm – 10pm NAPOLEON 319 N 11th Street, 2L Philadelphia, PA … Continue reading

Kathryn J Armstrong: Phases of Reflection


Phases of Reflection A site-responsive work by Kathryn J Armstrong organized by NAPOLEON member Marc Blumthal Phases of Reflection investigates memory as impermanent encounter that is often difficult to record. Being uncertain of what will happen next allows the artist to simultaneously leave the past, while moving towards the future. It is within this loose … Continue reading

Kris Strawser: Switch


Switch An exhibition by installation artist and sculptor Kris Strawser It’s a place you didn’t design but must inhabit. There’s an order, a logic, an expectation. The fit is tight, intrusive. The walls are latticed with shadows and symbols that are written and 3D. Try to read the signs. An immersive installation with drawing, fabric and … Continue reading

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