Alexis Nutini: Chrysalis


Chrysalis An exhibition by Napoleon member Alexis Nutini Chrysalis is an exhibition of mosaics composed of woodcuts and the materials used in the process of making a print. Paper ephemera, print fragments and destroyed woodblocks evolve into landscapes and geometric expanses. Through the elaborate transformation of materials, Nutini examines the transition of objects and ideas … Continue reading

Chad States: Night Sweats

Chad States_Night Sweats_teaser

Night Sweats New work by Chad States There is this moment when the desire for pleasure completely consumes you. Opening Reception First Friday, February 7th 6pm – 10pm NAPOLEON 319 N 11th Street, 2L Philadelphia, PA Exhibition Dates: 2.7.14 – 2.23.14 Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 2pm – 6pm or by appointment Chad States: Night … Continue reading

Leslie Friedman & Bernardo Margulis: Gay, Jewish, or Both


Gay, Jewish, or Both A collaborative installation between designer Bernardo Margulis and NAPOLEON founding member Leslie Friedman Stereotypes of any group often overlap and contradict themselves and Jewishness and queerness are no exception.  Artists Bernardo Margulis and Leslie Friedman open the doors of NAPOLEON onto an ambiguous dining room scene.  Through pattern, appropriation, and parody, … Continue reading

Trusted Friends Are the Only Ones That Can Get You In The End: Ivanco Talevski & Pernot Hudson


Trusted Friends Are the Only Ones That Can Get You In The End A two person exhibition of Ivanco Talevski and Pernot Hudson curated by Marc Blumthal This two person exhibition explores the complicated nature of defining or creating the muse. The controlled yet ungovernable presence of artificial figuration is both source of the subject … Continue reading



TRACTION COMPANY: subTRACTION A collaborative installation that figuratively brings TRACTION COMPANY to NAPOLEON subTRACTION is TRACTION COMPANY’s first collaborative sculptural project, a one-sixth scale model of the collective’s gargantuan sculpture shop. Inspired by CITYWIDE’s celebration of collaboration, subTRACTION represents in miniature the fruit of six years of collective effort—the ongoing transformation of a former trolley manufacturing warehouse into … Continue reading

NAPOLEON at Traction Company: As first as exactly


As first as exactly an exhibition by NAPOLEON members Marc Blumthal & Alexis Nutini, Lewis Colburn & Tamsen Wojtanowski, Liza Coviello & Leslie Friedman, Christina P. Day & Christopher Hartshorne, and Jordan Rockford & H. John Thompson The ten members of NAPOLEON divided into pairs in order to create new work for our CITYWIDE exhibition.  … Continue reading

Lewis Colburn: The Noble Amateur


The Noble Amateur A solo exhibition by new NAPOLEON member Lewis Colburn At best, objects make unreliable tour guides. They cannot argue with the narratives we imagine for them.  Lewis Colburn’s sculptures start from meticulous replicas of historical objects. Playing on the relationships between objects and their means of display, Colburn’s work questions how we … Continue reading

James Weingrod: SPACE /SPĀS/ (NOUN)


SPACE /spās/ (NOUN) The Philadelphia debut of the multifaceted artist James Weingrod.  Curated by Leslie Friedman. Weingrod’s work examines various scientific and philosophical concepts about the universe.  He raises questions about the age-old human obsession with a subject that can be at best only partially understood.  From paintings based on Hubble photography to mechanized sculptures … Continue reading

GLEANERS//INFORMERS: Heather Riley, Brian Spies, and Mauro Zamora


GLEANERS // INFORMERS An exhibition curated by NAPOLEON member Liza Coviello Is there beauty in destruction? Is art an intentional call to action? GLEANERS // INFORMERS, creates a space for questioning assumptions about the role of art in daily life and of the artist’s influence on citizen action. Artist-citizens Heather Riley, Brian Spies and Mauro … Continue reading

Austin Ballard: The Indivisibles


The Indivisibles A selection of sculptures by Open-Call winner Austin Ballard Resonant of mid-twentieth century furniture, Austin Ballard produces objects that seduce the viewer with their competing surfaces and forms and elaborately balanced shapes.  Frequently stacking, propping, leaning, and wedging forms together, Ballard constructs piles of material juxtapositions: wood/glass, ceramic/steel, plastic/concrete. Opening First Friday, July … Continue reading

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