KnightArts Reviews Understudy

KnightArts Reviews Understudy Chip Schwartz muses on the exhibition and concludes “Play acting can be fun or funny, but it can also prove a powerful point about what we can truly know.” Schwartz writes on the four artists whose works were performed, played, or displayed for one-night only December 5th. His reflections on all four … Continue reading


Marianne Dages: Distant Operator

Distant Operator AN EXHIBITION OF NEW WORK BY NAPOLEON MEMBER MARIANNE DAGES Chance, repetition, and hidden names. In this series of works on paper and object assemblage, the artist acts as distant operator, finding the connection between esoteric myth and private thought. Opening Reception Second Friday, January 9th* 6pm – 10pm NAPOLEON
 319 N 11th Street, 2L
 Philadelphia, PA Exhibition … Continue reading


UNDERSTUDY: The Work of Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula and Mark Martinez by Kristen Mills

UNDERSTUDY: The Work of Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula and Mark Martinez An Essay by Kristen Mills Let’s talk about play. Play allows freedom with a sense of power and a sense of intimate control. Play is also paradoxical; it is serious and non-serious, real and not real, seemingly purposeless but crucial for resiliency. … Continue reading

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The Reviews ‘On This Site’

The Reviews ‘On This Site’ Noreen Kress reflects on art and monuments in a city full of history In the lenghty review on the artblog, Kress observes how a simple walk to the supermarket, in a city like Philadelphia, can also turn into a visit to a historic site. She sees the work Lewis … Continue reading


DoNArTNeWs review of Tamsen Wojtanowski’s Exhibition “Shelter”

Napoleon member, Tamsen Wojtanowski’s exhibition @ 110 CHURCH gallery reviewed by DoNArTNeWs. Don Brewer writes, Shelter has stuck in my mind. I went back twice to see the cyanotypes and experience the deep blue. The color stirs thoughts of science, spirituality and inspiration. The compositions add layers of memes and memories to the blissful peace … Continue reading


Title Magazine reviews H. John Thompson’s Holding Our Own

Title Magazine has a great review of NAPOLEON member H. John Thompson’s show Holding Our Own from this October. Olivia Jia writes: John Thompson’s Holding Our Own at the Napoleon Project Space deals with our society’s enduring, nostalgic fascination with historical calamity. As ancient cultures turned to gods to justify the inexplicable phenomena of the natural world, … Continue reading


‘Good Neighbors’ Review in the Phoenixville News

Congratulations to NAPOLEON members Christina P. Day and Lewis Colburn, their works are both mentioned in the Phoenixville New’s review of the group exhibition “Good Neighbors” at the Berman Museum of Art . The exhibition runs from October 14, 2014 through January 11, 2015, so there’s still plenty of time to catch the show! You can read the … Continue reading


Lewis Colburn Reviewed by KnightArts

Lewis Colburn Reviewed by KnightArts Chip Schwartz on ‘On This Site’ In a recent review for KnightArts called “Lewis Colburn and the monumental task of commemorating everything and nothing at all,” Chip Schwartz calls the November show at NAPOLEON “comical yet philosophically challenging.” He goes on to say: Colburn’s history is less of an account … Continue reading


UNDERSTUDY: Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula, and Mark Martinez

UNDERSTUDY A One-Night Happening with Performance, Installation, and Video by Peter Cotroneo, Alex Ibsen, Brad Jamula, and Mark Martinez Finally, America is engaging in a long-overdue conversation about feminism and gender identity, widening the range of possible answers to what women and gender-nonconformists can be. But what does broadening gender expectations do to men as they contemplate … Continue reading

On This Site, 2014. Installation view, showing cart, obelisk and two wall-mounted castings. Concrete, pine, plywood, nylon and polyethylene foam. 2014. Dimensions variable.

WHAT HAPPENED (T)HERE: Lewis Colburn, On This Site: An Essay by Sarah Kim

WHAT HAPPENED (T)HERE: Lewis Colburn, ON THIS SITE (2014) An Essay by Sarah Kim N∆POLEON  The obelisk.  A knife cutting into the sky—an unabashedly machismo protest of—? Once stone was eternal, its immortality arises from physical immovability. History is a human interpretation of reality; aware of this, architects used the stolidity of a monument as a brazen … Continue reading

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