An Essay by Liza Coviello: devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art

devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art An essay by Liza Coviello Work that an artist puts out into the world deserves a conversation, whether that conversation is expected or desired. devynn emory’s Personal Public investigates how one performance artist creates social change, whether knowingly or not, by challenging the status quo … Continue reading


NAPOLEON Member Marianne Dages at the Free Library

NAPOLEON member Marianne Dages is a in a two-person show with Emily Cucalon at the Free Library’s Central Branch this September. The show is on the 2nd floor of the Print and Picture Collection, and runs September 1st through October 12th. Stop by the opening reception on Thursday, September 4th from 5:30-7:30! More info on the show … Continue reading


H. John Thompson: Holding Our Own

Holding Our Own AN EXHIBITION OF NEW WORK BY NAPOLEON FOUNDING MEMBER H. JOHN THOMPSON Linking the enigmatic accounts of an airline hijacker known under the alias “D.B. Cooper” and the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, Holding Our Own cites incidents of evasion and distress while contemplating a manhunt and a rescue search from … Continue reading


Maggie Casey in the Inquirer

Edith Newhall Reviews “Breaker” Included in the review: ‘Interchange’ at Moore and ‘zip line’ at Tiger Strikes Asteroid According to Edith Newhall, “sometimes summer means pulling out all the stops. Two solo shows on the second floor of 319 N. 11th St. are prime examples.” In the review, Edith Newhall recognizes that Maggie Casey’s “methods … Continue reading

Maggie Casey, Breaker, plaster, tin foil, foam, silk, vinyl, metal; 5’ x 5’ x 22”, 2014

Excavating the Layers: Maggie Casey’s Breaker, an Essay By Liza Coviello

Excavating the Layers: Maggie Casey’s Breaker An Essay By Liza Coviello Directions for recreating an object, your directions for putting together that IKEA shelf or for making your grandmother’s pasta sauce, are common languages spoken by all those who share in their use. These languages exist separately and in their own space, or trading network, … Continue reading

this room this braid_still

devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art

devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art Curated by NAPOLEON member Liza Coviello September’s exhibition examines the importance of asserting gender identification in art, particularly in performance art where the body is a fundamental part of the work and the artist invites the viewer into this personal, physical space. In conversation with and … Continue reading


TheArtBlog reviews Perfect Lovers

Tyler McPhee’s Show receives acclaim from Michael Carroll Reviews ‘Perfect Lovers’ In the review, Michael Carroll praises McPhee. “Throughout the show, McPhee tactfully weaves an open narrative within each of his works, then leaves the viewer to unravel the story.” He goes on to say: Altogether, Perfect Lovers reads as a biographic showcase of … Continue reading


August 2nd: Maggie Casey and Jason Young discuss Breaker

NAPOLEON is pleased to announce additional programming in conjunction with Breaker will be taking place on Saturday, August 2 at 3pm. Join a discussion between artist Maggie Casey and Philadelphia-based library scientist Jason Young as they discuss the role written directions play in the record keeping and replication of activity-made commodities. Focusing on both recipe and textile pattern methodologies, Casey and Young … Continue reading

old_man_in_the_sea_knightarts reviews ‘Perfect Lovers’

Chip Schwartz on Tyler McPhee’s Solo-Show He too finds the ocean a great inspiration In the review of McPhee’s show, Schwartz praises his arrangements. Of the title piece, Schwartz says: …longing and heartfelt notions of love and loss are explored by way of the mirror image of a lighthouse. Reflecting in such a way that … Continue reading


Word of the Day: GUGGEN-HIM

Issues surrounding gender discrimination and equity, gender variance, and in visibility and discrimination for the gender non-conforming have been on my mind lately, more so than usual. As I am organizing a show for Napoleon in September on some of these topics, I am discouraged (and additionally, feel pressed) by the continued slights shown by … Continue reading

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