H. John Thompson: Trouble Light

Trouble Light   A solo-exhibition by NAPOLEON founding member H. John Thompson On May 15, 1934 the RMS Olympic collided with and sank the LV-117, killing seven of the eleven crew members aboard. The RMS Olympic was the sister ship of the RMS Titanic and the LV-117 a light vessel moored on the Nantucket shoal … Continue reading


Pierre Valls: “So Help Me God”

“So Help Me God” Napoleon member Nichola Kinch hosts France and Spain based artist Pierre Valls “So Help Me God” is part of the ongoing project Oaths: Aesthetic of Memory. The investigation started in Havana, Cuba, in 2016 and will travel accross America, Europe and the Middle East, during the two coming years. Oaths of enlistment in … Continue reading


Lucia Thomé in Philly Voice

Mikala Jamison talks about Lucia Thomé’s show at Napoleon opening Friday, October 7th, 6pm – 10pm “That sense of doing what’s right for yourself in the moment — staying up late in the studio just because you can, eating whatever you want, whenever you want, going with your gut in terms of your work — is … Continue reading

Image 1 - Centipede; found key organizer, plastic ken doll shoes, acrylic and hot glue; 27” x 18” x 12”; 2016

Friends and Dusks and Dawns: Lucia Thomé’s Solo Summer: An Essay by H. John Thompson

Friends and Dusks and Dawns: Lucia Thomé’s Solo Summer By H. John Thompson When I visit Lucia Thomé’s apartment and studio, she answers the door by saying, “Hi friend.” On a recent stopover, Lucia was the first to notice a bird flapping over our heads as we walked up the stairs. The bird was a … Continue reading


Lucia Thomé: Solo Summer

Solo Summer Napoleon member H. John Thompson hosts Philadelphia artist Lucia Thomé ‘Solo Summer’ is a body of work mostly made during the summer months of 2016. The works are vignettes of experiences and memories both made and imagined from a summer spent alone. The solo-ness of this summer is an adventure into independence in which … Continue reading

View More: http://kylebergner.pass.us/plaza

September First Friday: Scott Pennington on the Viaduct

First Friday on September 2nd, 2016 will feature an expansion of NAPOLEON’s exhibitions. Electro-Duct by Scott Pennington, a one-night installation on the Reading viaduct directly across from 319 North 11th Street, will be viewable and visitable from 6pm – 10pm. Scott Pennington is a Baltimore-based artist specializing in large-scale participatory installation and sculptural assemblage works. Drawing … Continue reading

Kinch Horse and Pony

A Call and Response for the Digital Age: Thinking about 3: Nichola Kinch, James Maurelle, and Tamara Suber: An Essay by Matt Singer

A Call and Response for the Digital Age: Thinking about 3: Nichola Kinch, James Maurelle, and Tamara Suber An Essay by Matt Singer Three, nor 3, does not a backlash make. But it is statement in matter that matters. Unbeknownst to one another, and in ways as varied as they are alluring, Nichola Kinch, James … Continue reading



Dread Scott, “A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday” (2015), nylon, 84 x 52 1/2 in, is now hanging outside Jack Shainman Gallery on West 20th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan. We all have a voice, and we all have an audience, whether it’s big or small. Choose how you want to use yours. Art can be a change-maker.


3 : Nichola Kinch, James Maurelle, and Tamara Suber

3 A three-person exhibition of work by NAPOLEON’s newest members Nichola Kinch, James Maurelle, and Tamara Suber NAPOLEON is excited to introduce its audience to these artists and their work. Using a combination of historical and contemporary technologies Nichola Kinch constructs poetic and fantastical objects and installations that explore image production as a metaphor for … Continue reading

Eyelash Shrimp, Elephant Ears (detail) 2016 Mixed media on cut paper, 22" x 17" x 2"

Embracing the Inundating Wash of Excess: Amy Boone-McCreesh’s “I Come in Peace” at NAPOLEON: An Essay by Evan Laudenslager

Embracing the Inundating Wash of Excess: Amy Boone-McCreesh’s “I Come in Peace” at NAPOLEON An Essay by Evan Laudenslager Imagery, like memories at their most crisp, is familiar to us and yet still always divergent from its potent inspirators. Slowly slipping into the abyss of time, through reproduction and retelling, the imagery that we create … Continue reading

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