A book report by Christopher A. Hartshorne, age 11**

My book report is on Prison Pit 3. This is the third Prison Pit book. Do you like action? Did you ever wonder how violent alien people would act? Do you like professional wrestling? If you do, then this book is for you.

This book is insane. Because there are a lot of alien looking crazy muscle guys killing each other like crazy. It’s like wrestling but with even more death. Its all in black and white but the author, who is Johnny Ryan, shows a lot of blood. I’m glad its not in red because that would be totally gross. But I really love it because there is so much action. Page after page is filled with gutting, slicing, knifing, mauling, super punching and also regular punching. Also Johnny Ryan has shown in his Prison Pit books the following: decapitation, squishing, lurking, strangling, disembowelment, and jumping. Also there is a crazy mouth with a hose for a neck that eats somebody’s head. There is really no story, you just know that everyone wants to kill everyone else.

I don’t like horror movies, but I really think this book is hilarious. To prove it to you I will tell you a story. When I was a little kid I saw The Exorcist. It was on TV and they got rid of the swearing. Well, I was crying when the girl turned into the devil. It looked real when her face was green and melty and her voice got like a monster. I was crying a lot like when someone is upset and they have trouble breathing. So you would think I wouldn’t like something scary like Prison Pit, but I do. On one page one monster guy looks down on his victim and says, “I need your underpants”. Also there is a warrior with a thin spiky head. He says, “Sorry about you brain”. Isn’t that hilarious? (because he killed the guy and he turned into a pile of goo) So that proves that this book is better than just a horror movie. The Exorcist and Prison Pit are super gross and have swearing. One made me cry like a baby and one makes me laugh A LOT!!!!!! (If you think the Exorcist is funny you are crazy)

The main character’s first name is “Cannibal”. A cannibal is someone that eats someone else who is a human. Cannibals are sometimes real and live in jungles and when they get hungry they have to choose weak people to eat. That’s weird because that is illegal where I come from. Cannibal’s last name is a dirty word and it doesn’t mean anything it is just a bad word. It is funny that he’s the good guy because he kills just as much as everyone else.

I really like the drawing style because it looks like my friend Craig did it. The way its drawn actually makes it funny, even though there is so much fighting and blood. Craig likes to draw soldiers with cyborg weapons, like the terminator, but better than that. This one drawing he did combines a robot, dog and unicycle. He’s a true artist.

I highly recommend this book. You should ask your parents before you buy or read this or just don’t tell them because there are swear words and private parts in it.

**I don’t always write like a pre-adolescent, but I do thoroughly enjoy The Prison Pit series by Johnny Ryan. For more reviews on Prison Pit and Johnny Ryan, check out these links:




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