She’s On A Roll! Philadelphia Inquirer Covers Leslie Friedman and others @ DCCA’s Fragile Boundaries Exhibition

Get this girl a lottery ticket!

NAPOLEON’s own Leslie Friedman is on a roll! With big news coming all summer, here is another cherry to top that summer sundae.

Found in this weekend’s Philadelphia Inquirer’s Arts & Entertainment section, an article “Galleries: Shows are a good reason for a short trip to Delaware”, reviewing the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts exhibition, Fragile Boundaries. Showing selections from her February 2012 show at NAPOLEON,  Leslie got a verbal high-five from author Edith Newhall.

Two of the more obvious examples of resistance in Robson’s exhibition are Virginia Maksymowicz’s fulsome Panis Angelicus, a cast plaster sculpture of what appears to be an upper section of a Corinthian column overflowing with cast-plaster loaves of bread and broken plaster ornamentation, and Leslie Friedman’s Tasty, an installation of wall-mounted screen prints and a large pile of shiny oversize soda cans. Maksymowicz’s exploration of the relationship between the description of the grave of the mythical goddess Persephone and the real caryatid figures at the Erechtheion in Athens is as still as any sculpture, but its eccentric bounty of ornamentation immediately suggests motion. Friedman’s similarly brimming ode to consumerism and obesity – those soda cans are actually cardboard that Friedman has metallicized and screen-printed with her copies of famous logos – brings a contemporary ruin to mind.

Up until September 16th – Go see it for yourself!

200 South Madison Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

P 302-656-6466

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