Tamsen’s Second Self

Tamsen Wojtanowski is in an exciting show at LUX / EROS gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Tamsen Wojtanowksi, Untitled 3, 2012.

September is a busy month for everyone and this member of NAPOLEON is no exception.

This calendar listing is taken off Fecal Face:

LUX / EROS Presents:
Second Self
curated by Joslin Van Arsdale

“The computer is a new mirror, the first psychological machine”
(Sherry Turkle, Second Self, 1984)

Computers have become a mirror and vehicle to our fantasies, where multiple identities and realities exist via text, email, IM and social media. Second Self, features six artists from across the globe, whose work is inspired by the many ways in which we traverse identity online. Artists Mathieu Grac, Erin M. Riley, Brendan George Ko, Brendan Donnelly, Tamsen Wojtanowski and Michael Zachary explore the dualism created between our physical selves and its internet representation, creating post-modern portraits within parallel worlds that emerge as a simulated, enhanced, fragmented and hybrid versions of oneself.

Gallery website: http://lux-eros.tumblr.com/

Yay, Tamsen!  Way to get yourself noticed on the West Coast!

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