Big and Little Charity Art Sale

Sharon Koelblinger

NAPOLEON is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania!

NAPOLEON members have invited forty artists to participate in the fundraiser.  Each artist will provide one work on paper.  Works on paper may include drawings, paintings, prints, and photographs.  Works will be 24 inches in any direction or smaller.  The price of work will be established by the artist, but will be between $40 and $80.  The artist will receive 50% of the sale.  The other 50% will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA to fund an educational art event in 2013.  NAPOLEON will not accept any proceeds from the fundraiser.

As artists, curators, and educators, the members of NAPOLEON feel a special closeness to this cause as we witness the cutting of artistic programs from schools and community institutions. This fundraiser is meant to encourage the artistic interests of young people and provide an opportunity for the development of creativity as well as a chance to facilitate the special bonds between “Bigs” and Littles.”

First Friday, December 7th from 6-10pm (cash only)
Sale continues Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th, 2-6pm (cash only)
40 works between $40-$80
50% of sale price goes to artist, 50% to Big Brothers Big Sisters

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Artists included:

Grimaldi Baez
Jordan Baumgarten
Elizabeth Blau

Marc Blumthall
Joe Boruchow
Stephanie Bursese
Dustin Campbell
Christopher Davison
Christina P. Day

Jeff Dentz
Tim Eads

Amze Emmons
Leslie Friedman

Christopher Hartshorne
Alexandra Huckabay
Sharon Koelblinger
Andrea Landau
Chris Landau
Bonnie Levinthal
Guy Loraine
Nicole MacNeill
C. Pazia Mannella
Bernardo Margulis
Melissa Nannen
Alexis Nutini
Jose Ortiz
Serena Perrone
Greg Pizzoli
Mark Price
Maria Rajewski
Christina Roth
Bethany Rusen
Sophie Sanders
Julia Staples
Daniel Ricardo Terran
Grace Tessein
Mallory Wetherell
Tamsen Wojtanowski
Matt Ziemke

Buy great art for a great cause.  Buy it for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season.


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