Alexis Nutini: Primordial Ink

Primordial Ink

An exhibition by NAPOLEON member Alexis Nutini

Primordial Ink is an exhibition of jumbo relief monoprints by Alexis Nutini. A rigorous process of carving and layering of oil based ink produce delineated fields of saturated color and swathes of linear marks. Through this ritual and the creation of vast landscapes composed of graphic forms, Nutini explores personal and global concerns of origin and displacement.

Opening First Friday, January 4th
6pm – 10pm

319 N 11th Street, 2L
Philadelphia, PA

Exhibition Dates: 1.4.13 – 1.25.13
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 2pm – 6pm or by appointment

In an essay about Nutini and Primordial Ink, artist and curator Sophie Sanders writes:

Nutini’s prints reveal something beyond the recognition of our global reality- his works convey invented worlds that link individuals across place and time.  He presents a vision of organic growth, a scene that is blossoming and sprouting into being.  It may be coincidental that he is soon to become a father, but certainly his imagery expresses a deep respect for the interconnectedness of life and a spiritual awareness.  These prints suggest the awe-inspiring power of nature, filled with vibrating patterns of stripes and swirls and volcanic colors.

For a link to web-based version of the entire essay, click here.
To download a .pdf version of the entire essay, click
Primordial Ink: Alexis Nutini’s Synthesized Worlds.

To download the official press release of Alexis Nutin: Primordial Ink, click here.

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    319 N. 11th St 2L
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

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    most Saturdays and Sundays
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    or by appointment
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