Thursday didn’t have a chance…




I had a lucid dream last night where local Food’lebrity Pizza Brain and Jamie Warren’s “Self Portrait as Lasagna Del Ray by thestrutny” had a baby, and it came out as Eat My Face!, well-known member of the Garbage Pail Kids Clan.

It took place in an all-night dinner on a long forgotten road, not unlike those photographed for Alec Soth’s series “Sleeping by the Mississipppi”.

I was sitting in a corner booth drinking all-night coffee, next to a pay phone that rang and rang, but every time I answered it was just Roger Rabbit laughing uncontrollably on the other side of the line.

Near the end, I garnered my ability to control the dreaming, then tiptoed around the baby-making and out the door.

I  was met with the blazing glory of a southwest sunrise breaking just over the horizon.

To say it mildly, upon actual waking, Thursday didn’t have a chance.

For some amazing work, check out these artist’s websites.

Jamie Warren

Alec Soth

John Divola

They will set your dreams on fire.

2 Responses to “Thursday didn’t have a chance…”
  1. I went to undergrad with Jamie Warren. I had to hear her having loud sex next door to my dorm room.

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