Great Review of “One More Day!”

DasherBig Praise from Knight Arts for Wojtanowksi and Roth

Chip Schwartz covers February’s NAPOLEON Show

In the review, Schwartz sees some of the images in One More Day as tugging “at some shadowy nostalgia and seem more like memories than actual objects themselves.”  Of others he says:

Their exacting, linear compositions draw to mind runes or talismans of days long past. Through a connection to the ancient and the alchemic, they call on that which is beyond the temporal and worldly. Hopes, dreams and even creativity itself, while emerging from the individual, latch onto concepts that bridge the gaps between people and times. Ideas that expand thought, alter culture, or provide existential solace are quite nearly essentials themselves. To learn and accept one’s place in the universe is to truly find a way home.

Tamsen Wojtanowski’s and Christina Roth’s work will be on display until the end of February.

To view the whole article, click here.

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