Printeresting Loves Grimaldi Baéz

A Review of A Cemi Waste of Macho Time

And flattering words by Printeresting’s own Amze Emmons

Emmons begins the review:

A Cemi Waste of Macho Time: Something for Us to Believe in, Grimaldi Baéz‘s latest solo exihibition in Philadelphia is a sadly beautiful embodiment of the complicated relationship between masculinity, class, and culture that has always existed in ether surrounding the sport of boxing. Boxing, probably the most brutal gladiatorial experience of any sport, traditionally draws it’s heroes and fans from working class immigrant populations, complicating pretty much all of those connections. Baéz’s art work operates as a kind of cypher, imagining those relationships in a series of totemic objects, including banners, a belt, and an installation referencing the boxing ring.

Additionally, he credits the authors of the Exhibition Essay for Baéz’s show, Wayne Kleppe and Janette Chien, with giving great background information.  All around great review for the artist, the curator, the essayists, and the gallery as a whole!

To read the whole review, click here.

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