FROM THE DESK: Christina P. Day and Christopher Hartshorne

This November, pairs of NAPOLEON members will be exhibiting collaborative pieces they have generated in response to the Gertrude Stein poem, written in 1923, “If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso,” at Traction Company, located in West Philadelphia for CITYWIDE.  In the coming months, we will be updating our blog with From the Desk postings to share work and ideas as they are evolving within the different pairings of NAPOLEON members.

FROM THE DESK:  Christina P. Day and Christopher Hartshorne

Some behind the scenes views of Day and Hartshorne’s upcoming collaborative work entitled, to exact resemblance:

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Our piece for CITYWIDE  is a play on material and process mirroring within the pattern based dialog we both use in our own studio practices.   Stein’s poem somersaults through itself both aurally and visually, switching repeated word play in and out as phrases are repeated and linked.  The title of this piece finds itself in the middle of the poem, neither at the beginning nor end of a phrase, but rather inside of the unusual and brilliant staccato of her writing.   The placement of this phrase in true ‘ in media res’ repeat fashion, and the poem at large, have served as an example of both form and coding for our piece,  leading us to a construction that visually mirrors each other’s entirely different pattern-based inclinations.   A construction is underway that reaches through itself to become a two part physical collage full of graphic overlaps and material cutaways.  Join us at our opening reception to see the final outcome of this piece alongside other NAPOLEON members’ collaborative works, November 2nd, from 2-5pm and during Trolley Day, November 16th , from 2-5pm, for CITYWIDE!  Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months from other pairings of our members!

NAPOLEON would also like to take this moment to announce its involvement in the next fundraiser for CITYWIDE:  Battle of the Tribute Bands, at Johnny Brenda’s, September 14th, doors open at 8pm.  Come support this important second fundraiser to help us match our Knight Arts Challenge Grant  $12 tickets are available both in advance and at the door the day of!

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