Title Magazine Covers ‘SPACE /SPĀS/ (NOUN)’

Title Magazine Covers ‘SPACE /SPĀS/ (NOUN)’

Joanna Platt writes about James Weingrod’s show at NAPOLEON

In the Title Magazine piece, Platt contemplates Weingrod’s work in the light of Theodore Brown’s Making Truth, Metaphor in Science, and how our view of the universe is filtered through someone else’s vision.  Moreover, she describes the installation of SPACE /SPĀS/ (NOUN) as surprising:

If the work is encountered in the middle of the video loop, it is shocking when, after fading to black, a hand appears onscreen holding a bottle and squeezes out a drop of glittering milky liquid to begin the action. I gasped. A rocket ship drops its seed to create the universe. The work is so sleek and well-crafted that the hand at first seems discordant, but by beginning with the artist’s hand generating the image, Weingrod saves the work from being merely an exercise in the sublime.

To read the entire review, click here.

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