KnightArts Covers the Traction/NAPOLEON Swap

Chip Schwartz Writes About ‘subTRACTION’ and ‘As first as exactly’

In “Meta miniatures, poetry-inspired objects captivate at two Philly galleries,” Chip Schwartz explains the Citywide pairing as “a pair of exhibits that bridge the two wildly different spaces with a pairing of objects and replicas.”

In the article, Schwartz writes about both shows, pointing out the “notably object-based” showing at Traction Company and the “microcosmic show” at NAPOLEON.

Of NAPOLEON’s work in ‘As first as exactly,’ Schwartz says:

Nestled into the back corner of Traction Company, whose location is typically utilized for work and not for show, the members of Napoleon tackle a text by Gertrude Stein that mimics the Cubist perspectives of Picasso’s paintings. The words are disjointed and repetitive, and early in the poem it is interesting to note that Stein invokes the name of Napoleon, presciently highlighting
a tiny artist collective’s show in the distant future.

He goes on to highlight some of the pieces in the exhibition, in particular the works by pairs H. John Thompson and Jordan Rockford, Liza Coviello and Leslie Friedman, and Marc Blumthal and Alexis Nutini.

And of the collaborative effort of Traction Company, he evokes the spirit of the beloved Carl Sagan:

Dare we step back like a voyeuristic beast towering over a tiny city, our beliefs are suddenly matched against a world that is recognizable, but distorted beyond repair. Calling to mind Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” analysis of our earthly domain, we are reminded that despite our joys, fears, and accomplishments, a healthy dose of humility is wise for the often convoluted mechanics of our human doings.

To read the entire article and see the images captured, click here.

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