Duality and the Photographic Image

-Or- “Another Reason Why I Love Photography”


In the photograph, maybe it’s an absence, of you or of them. Your heart feels a tug, you feel remorse and an anxiety to be done with the looking. The photograph is a reminder that hurts us. It closes doors.

Jennifer Greenburg - http://www.jennifergreenburg.com/

Jennifer Greenburg – http://www.jennifergreenburg.com/

In the photograph, maybe its a moment introduced to a brand-new something you haven’t seen before, yet it feels so familiar … perhaps it could be yours someday. In this moment the photograph is infinite, it takes you through space and time to a new discovery.

Tema Stauffer - http://temastauffer.com/

Tema Stauffer – http://temastauffer.com/

In the photograph, maybe its both, a brand-new something that already hurts, you want to go but can’t stop your looking.

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