OPEN CALL! July 2014 Solo-Show

Our Third July Open Call!

Your chance to have a solo-show at NAPOLEON

NAPOLEON, Philadelphia, PA

NAPOLEON is now accepting applications for a solo exhibition in our gallery during the month of July 2014. Applications should include a written proposal (300 words), a CV, an artist statement, and 5 images or 2 videos all saved as a single PDF. If you’re including video work, please include a hyperlink in the .pdf to youtube, vimeo, or other video hosting site where we can find your work.

Show runs from  July 4th  to July 25th with an Opening Reception on Friday, July 11th. The artist will be responsible for supplying all materials required for displaying their work (framing, media equipment, pedestals, hanging wire, etc.). The artist will also be responsible for installation during June 30 – July 4 and will deinstall the exhibition by July 26-27. Gallery dimensions and floor plan can be found

Email materials to and title the email with your name and “July Show Submission 2014.”  $20 application fee will be billed via PayPal upon receipt of materials.

NAPOLEON is collectively-run project space located in Philadelphia that strives to provide a platform for new work and new ideas.  We are located in the Rollins Building on the edge of Philadelphia’s Chinatown and Callowhill neighborhoods.  The building also houses other galleries such as Vox Populi, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Marginal Utility, Practice, and Grizzly Grizzly and is a major hub for Philadelphia’s emerging art scene. For additional information or clarification, please email and view our website to get to know us better.



5 Responses to “OPEN CALL! July 2014 Solo-Show”
  1. ZbOROVAN says:

    Ego Pingere, Ergo Sum.

  2. RE: Art Project: Museum Installation of 20 Epigraphs, Plaster and Wood
    (Ask for visual presentation)
    In support of your statement on the History of art

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    With reference to the above mentioned event, allow me to comment that inadvertently you made a true historical statement, which delineates the intellectual state of the arts today, and as a scholar of art, I am now offering the following analysis:
    Putting it very blatantly, it means that the history of art is empty rhetoric and we all have to agree for the following reasons:

    I must begin my argument by citing the great E. Kant, who said “ideas are empty without concepts”
    The “history” of “art” is made of two concepts and a preposition, which makes art belonging to, pertaining to, composed of, taken from, etc…., and/or fashioned by the concept of history.


    1. The concept of history possesses a deeper philosophical meaning than the way it is taught in schools today: It is not narrative, not story telling, nor is it chronological representation, of past, present and future events in time. It is above all a process reflecting evolution of substantial human knowledge, the same that constitutes anthropology as a whole. Hegel called it “an intelligible process by which humans discover themselves”. The misconceptions of history are rather common even in academic studies, which reduce the meaning of history to a subjective interpretation without the correct philosophical rational conditions required by any correct analytical assessment of facts. The problem rests in what scholars call “philosophical reductionism” of formative school curricula, which tend to be specialized and reduced to the point of “forgetfulness” as M. Heidegger mentioned.


    2. Art is a human concept. We cannot find it in the Bible, in the Torah, in the Koran, or in the Book of the Deads. As a process, from Ancient to Contemporary Modern and Post-Modern art, we should recognize its history as evolution of “creativity” communicating substantial human values, but because of the same reason of “forgetfulness” the process of art history cannot produce the expected results. Accordingly artists are unconcerned about improving human life and the history of art is necessarily reduced to a superficial and imaginative constructions of historians, who refer to modes as styles, or to telling shallow life stories of artists, whom having been deprived in their formative years of substantial education, possess not a worthy cause and know not how to use art to benefit humanity.

    For this reason, President Obama owes no apology to anyone, but rather, his critics, Prof. Ann Collins Johns or Prof. Linda Downs should reflect on the true meaning of the history of art and adopt new curricula in schools and universities.

    For more info about my theories of art, please log into

    Raffaele M. Pandozy, Ph.D.

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