Lewis Colburn Reviewed by KnightArts

Lewis Colburn Reviewed by KnightArts

Chip Schwartz on ‘On This Site’

In a recent review for KnightArts called “Lewis Colburn and the monumental task of commemorating everything and nothing at all,” Chip Schwartz calls the November show at NAPOLEON “comical yet philosophically challenging.” He goes on to say:

Colburn’s history is less of an account and more of a placeholder. By utilizing the multi-faceted meaning of the obelisk, he slips seamlessly into the linear timeline that tends to pan out in traditional storytelling. But what if time is not linear? As statues erode and patina, we see that even the most stalwart achievements return to the earth. In this way, Colburn’s monument is also a reminder of all the places and things time has forgotten, and all of the untold events that occurred outside the sphere of human observation or understanding.

To read the entire review, click here.

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