KnightArts Reviews Understudy

KnightArts Reviews Understudy

Chip Schwartz muses on the exhibition and concludes “Play acting can be fun or funny, but it can also prove a powerful point about what we can truly know.”

Schwartz writes on the four artists whose works were performed, played, or displayed for one-night only December 5th. His reflections on all four include some apt thoughts on the human condition. Of Brad Jamula, he writes:

Like the featureless, anonymous avatars of Internet comment sections, the dummy represents both a very specific person and yet nobody at all. By literally grappling with this form by way of a choreographed ritual, Brad Jamula confronts his individuality and his sameness by way of a most peculiar form of voodoo.

Of Alex Ibsen:

This exercise in futility is not unlike the disconnect of understanding the experience of another. As much as it seems absurd for a man to imitate a termite imitating a beaver, would it be much different for a man to claim to understand the experience of a woman? How about a man of a different race?

Of Peter Cotroneo

Each hit looks mostly benign. “He’s not really trying to hurt himself,” we think… but then the minutes pass and the rhythm of the metal-on-face reminds us that, while he is utilizing restraint, that still must hurt. Like a meditation on aging, degradation and self-consciousness, even when the artist ceases his assault, the effects live on.

And lastly, of Mark Martinex, Schwartz writes:

In American society where self-promotion and confidence often have no limits, Martinez latches onto the spectacle of exposure as a performance without the action. Larger than life in an oversaturated culture is as close to on par as we can get unless we simply choose to opt out.

These are but just a sampling of what was written. If you missed the exhibition or if you’d like to compare notes with Schwartz, click here to read the entire article.

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