Lewis Colburn in the Fleisher Wind Challenge

Lewis Colburn’s Fleisher Wind Challenge Exhibition opens September 10

NAPOLEON’s own Lewis Colburn displays his sculptures, along with Aubrey J. Kauffman and Anne Canfield

Established in 1978, the Wind Challenge Exhibition Series is an annual juried competition that is committed to enriching and expanding people’s lives through art. Three Wind Challenge Exhibitions are held from September through May, featuring the work of exceptional artists living in the Philadelphia region.

From the Fleisher Art Memorial Website, Lewis Colburn writes about his work:

At best, objects make unreliable tour guides. They cannot argue with the narratives we imagine for them. As a maker of sculpture, I am interested in the way we re­interpret and re­tell the past through the filter of our current experience. These re­tellings also manifest themselves as objects: the museum replica, the diorama, the stage set, or the laboriously hand­sewn and fussily detailed garments of a reenactor.

Objects such as these are the jumping ­off points for my projects. In particular, I am interested in the approximations and shortcuts that we make in the interest of re­creating a given historical experience. Take, for example, a period interpreter on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall, clad in an 18th ­century frock coat sewn from flimsy polyester. Making my own meticulous replicas of historical objects generates its own little slippages and elisions, whether or not my objects can ‘pass’ as authentic. These slippages connect us to larger ideas about how we write and re­tell history, questioning the narratives we choose to emphasize and those we neglect.

The exhibition opens with a reception Thursday, September 10th, 2015, 6-8pm
September 10 – November 14, 2015

Fleisher Art Memorial
719 Catharine Street
Philadelphia, PA

The second round of Fleisher Wind Challenge Winners will include NAPOLEON’s Marianne Dages, too!

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