SO YEA: A Poem by Heather Raquel Phillips for GAG: Peggy and Emily Blei Hracho



gagged; gagging

1.  a:  to restrict use of the mouth of by inserting something into it  to prevent speech or     outcry

b:  to prevent from exercising freedom of speech or expression

c:  to pry or hold open with a gag

2)  to provide or write quips or pranks

3)  to choke or cause to retch


1) something thrust into the mouth to keep it open or to prevent speech or outcry

2)   an official check or restraint on debate or free speech eg. a gag rule

3)   a laugh-provoking remark or act

4)   prank, trick



1985 and 2016 are complicit

reinforcing 2 voices

Interrogating social duplicity

2 generations.

2 women.

2 artists.

Desire without access

turns Ripped T-shirts into drawings

Informs Sculptural relief


Intimate moments

with a safe distance

convention transforms

into the extraordinary

covert and overt

are just a C away from

being the same


Unexpected Power looks like



a station of women

Deviant and Customary

conflate in their repudiation


It looks like a hug

comfortable cozy soft pliable

textures like grandma’s house

like a teenage girl’s bedroom

 Appropriation of criticism

appears lighthearted & kaleidoscopic


slaps you across the face


Like a word

that  gets revisited

prompted by a first order

a house that aims to harm


controlling women

you can peek

big gag conceals

small man, power mad

#IMHO, paperdolls and pornography

a happy gap away from next of kin

cut up and pieced together

dressed and disrobed

played with in private




She’s…                                  Bitchy

She’s just…                          Crazy

She’s just too….                  Loud



She really should just smile.

sometimes we bleed blend together


women’s bodies


a capitalist transformation

abstracting into bulbous grotesque forms

a mass

up for consumption

still strong, still resilient



but, um…

what if we, like… stand together?  we will have more power

we should um…stand with ALL our sisters


            Yeah, TOTALLY!






Peggy Blei Hracho @peggybleihracho

In 1985, Peggy Blei Hracho received her BFA with a concentration in Sculpture and Printmaking from The Atlanta College of Art. Over the past twenty years, she has been working in the medium of Fiber, pushing the boundaries of the traditional quilt. Her work is primarily involved with the Female Image and society’s perceptions of being female. She has shown both nationally and internationally and has work in several private collections.


Emily Blei Hracho @emilyblei

Emily Blei Hracho is a third generation artist living and working in Reading, Pennsylvania. She concentrated in Fiber & Material Studies at Tyler School of Art where she received her BFA. She has shown locally and internationally. Her work reflects upon her generation’s identity through a focus on collected language and internet culture.



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