Leslie Friedman

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Leslie Friedman




Masters of Fine Arts, Printmaking 2011
Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelors of Arts, Political Science 2005
Brown University, Providence, RI


-Solo Exhibitions-

Vivianus, Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Willmington, DE
Go Home, NAPOLEON, Philadelphia, PA

Yenta, Wind Challenge Exhibition Series, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

Fun Guys, Gallery 401, Providence, RI
Tastier, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
Mis/Constru(ct)ed Identity: Exploring Jewish Stereotypes
, The Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia, PA

, Napoleon, Philadelphia, PA

Glitzianers, Temple Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

The Fossil Fools Project
, AS220 Main Gallery, Providence, RI

Merry X-Mas, Mr. President, The Dirt Palace/RISCA Grant, Providence, RI


-Collaborative & Two-Person Exhibitions-

Temporary Shelter, a collaboration with Christina P. Day and Tamsen Wojtanowski for Art Basel Week, Artist-Run, The Satellite Show Miami, Miami, FL

Gay, Jewish, or Both, an installation collaboration with Bernardo Margulis, NAPOLEON, Philadelphia, PA
The Path and the Structure, two-person spotlight exhibit with Rebecca Gilbert, Center For Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA

As first as exactly, collaborative installation with the ten members of NAPOLEON, Traction Company, Philadelphia, PA


-Group Exhibitions-

Far More Real, COOP Gallery, Nashville, TN
In Transit, SOIL, Seattle, WA

Traction Company, The Museum at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA
Other Selections: Local Artists Respond to the Museum Collection, Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA
Summer Small Works Exhibition, N.A.W.A. Gallery, New York, NY
By and About Women, R Dixon Gallery, Seneca Falls, NY
InSight Lines, Stella Elkins Gallery, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Proclamation! POP, James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Professional Artist Members Exhibition, Main Line Art Center, Haverford, PA

Graphic Coordinates, White Box Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia
artNOW:Philadelphia, Kohl Gallery, Washington College, Chestertown, MD
Professional Artist Members Exhibition, Main Line Art Center, Haverford, PA
Benefit Exhibition for BalletX, Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Charta Amor: 4th MAAPS International Printmaking Exhibition Series, Seoul, Korea; Guangzhou, China; University of Alaska; Southern Indiana University; Eastern Indiana University; University of Wyoming; and University of Arizona
Urban Pop, Main Line Art Center, Haverford, PA

Introduction 2012: A First Look at the New Career Development Fellows
Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA
Faculty at Work
, Muhlenberg Gallery, Allentown, PA
Current Trends in Print, Elon University, Elon, NC
Small Favors, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Woot!, The Icebox, Philadelphia, PA

Tyler Grad Symposium
, Philadelphia, PA

AS220 Print Lottery, AS220 Main Gallery, Providence, RI

La Locura, Rara, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to present
, RISD Museum, Providence, RI

2004 Lost & Unknown: Stories From Rhode Island’s Underground, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI


-Accolades, Lectures, and Invitations-

Posing Questions of Art, Taste, and Censorship, Panel Discussion, Washington College, Chestertown, PA

Understanding Stereotypes: A Panel Discussion, The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island

Career Development Program Fellow
, Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA
The Future of Jewish Art: One Artist’s Perspective, invited artist lecturer, Hillel at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
National Performance Network Annual Meeting, invited guest, Philadelphia, PA



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