Liza Coviello

While having less of a traditional background to other members of Napoleon, Liza instead leverages her art education and adminstration experience to push an agenda of social reform through the arts. As an undergrad, she worked exclusively in ceramics. After graduating, she continued to work in clay while also managing a ceramics studio for several years. Later, while simultaneously volunteering and interning with several arts organizations, she realized her potentially greater impact through non-profit administration and leadership within the art world. Since then, her goals have evolved into moving the world of art today to address key social issues.

“Recognizing that art has the capacity to communicate, engage, instruct, and educate in ways that our words alone cannot, I hope to provide a much-needed avenue to support artists and works that incorporate scholarly, responsible, and ethical statements and plans. If we are educated artists, proponents, and cultivators in the art of today and much of the current public discourse regards social responsibility, then should it not follow that the art of today should focus much of its attention on social responsibility?

The artist plays an important, arguably vital, social role at a time when social reform is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. I believe that I have an obligation to continue imagining creative new initiatives, empowering artists to develop and practice their work in a way that addresses social concerns and positive social change. Additionally, I believe it is critical to build youth education and increase the level of youth social empathy through artistic vehicles.“

Aside from challenging social injustices with, helping to secure access to, and promoting the resourcefulness of art, Liza has contributed to online journals on the topic of sustainable practices in design and organizational management. She currently works in administration at the Institute of Contemporary Art, where she is involved in strategic planning and business administration.


MS in Non-Profit Leadership (2013), University of Pennsylvania

Certificate in Non-Profit Administration (2013), University of Pennsylvania

BA in Fine Arts, Saint Joseph’s University


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