Tamsen Wojtanowski

Tamsen Wojtanowski - Soma

Tamsen Wojtanowski – Soma

Tamsen Wojtanowski



Tamsen Wojtanowski is a working artist and educator in Philadelphia, who received her MFA from Tyler School of Art. She has shown work in solo and group exhibitions in Philadelphia, and in group exhibitions in  Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Minneapolis, as well as other cities across the United States. Her preferred mediums are photography, mixed media, and assemblage. In her personal research she is interested in the accessibility and malleability of the photographic medium. In her studio she works with a number of different materials and processes to create autobiographical images, with an interest in our natural human disposition of storytelling. She believes in art and its ability to open an individualʼs world up to new experiences and conclusions. Her inspirations include found objects, lucid dreams, literature, and giant squids.

Tamsen Wojtanowski - Desert Tent

Tamsen Wojtanowski – Desert Tent

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    319 N. 11th St 2L
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

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  • Gallery Hours:

    most Saturdays and Sundays
    2 - 6pm
    or by appointment
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