Duality and the Photographic Image

-Or- “Another Reason Why I Love Photography” Finite/Infinite. In the photograph, maybe it’s an absence, of you or of them. Your heart feels a tug, you feel remorse and an anxiety to be done with the looking. The photograph is a reminder that hurts us. It closes doors. In the photograph, maybe its a moment … Continue reading

What’s the color of your aura?

Sandy DuVeau – Aura Queen Photography Take the quiz, here.

#Swoon – Elin O’Hara Slavick: After Hiroshima

I have been a fan of this work for years. Teaching an Alternative Process class in Photography, we review a lot of those historical processes in the medium. I always try to make those processes as applicable as I can to today, looking for contemporary artists who are putting these processes to work. When learning … Continue reading

Sleep of Beloved: A Haiku

In long exposure fell in love with a couple while they were asleep. Visit Paul Schneggenburger at his website, here.

Great Review of “One More Day!”

Big Praise from Knight Arts for Wojtanowksi and Roth Chip Schwartz covers February’s NAPOLEON Show In the review, Schwartz sees some of the images in One More Day as tugging “at some shadowy nostalgia and seem more like memories than actual objects themselves.”  Of others he says: Their exacting, linear compositions draw to mind runes … Continue reading

Arthur Tress – Teapot Opera

It’s not lost on me as we near the end of each semester and I ask my students to design, create and complete yet another final project, (after the designing, creating and completing of several smaller projects throughout the semester) just how tough it is for me to be asking that. On the other side … Continue reading

Summer Flesh

Terry Richardson

Another hot August afternoon; three quotes by Susan Sontag three  photography blogs rapt with smut. drugs. and nudity.  sit back and enjoy.  (You’ll have to follow the links to see all the goods.) http://cassbird.tumblr.com/  Cass Bird Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art. – Susan Sontag http://goingstagg.tumblr.com  Ellen Stagg Today everything exists to end in a … Continue reading

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