C. Pazia Mannella & Tamsen Wojtanowski: Inside Voices

Inside Voices An exhibition by artist C. Pazia Mannella and founding NAPOLEON member Tamsen Wojtanowski “I remember in order to be unhappy/happy – not in order to understand.” – Proust In their two-person exhibition, Inside Voices, artists Tamsen Wojtanowski and C. Pazia Mannella use their practice to investigate the past; compliant with the quicksand that is … Continue reading

Exhibition Essay for Tamsen Wojtanowski & Jennah White’s “You Will Never Arrive” by Nancy Brokaw

Text from Nancy Brokaw’s thoughtful essay on Tamsen Wojtanowski’s and Jennah White’s collaborative exhibition at the Tyler School of Art: Consider: You Will Never Arrive What does a photograph do? Once, the answer was easy. Photography fixes the world, pins it down. Consider: The click of the shutter fixes a moment, freezing the past in … Continue reading

Tamsen Wojtanowski & Jennah White @ the Atrium Gallery, Tyler School of Art

Napoleon’s own Tamsen Wojtanowski and Lewis Colburn @ Tyler School of Art!

A Love Letter to My Studio, On Our One-Year Anniversary

Dear Studio, Remember how we met? It was unexpected and quickly we paired off. At the time, I was not looking for a relationship, and you had just abruptly ended your last. I moved my things in and hurriedly acquainted you with my hobbies and habits, the irregular ebb and flow of my work patterns, … Continue reading

Great Review of “One More Day!”

Big Praise from Knight Arts for Wojtanowksi and Roth Chip Schwartz covers February’s NAPOLEON Show In the review, Schwartz sees some of the images in One More Day as tugging “at some shadowy nostalgia and seem more like memories than actual objects themselves.”  Of others he says: Their exacting, linear compositions draw to mind runes … Continue reading

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